You Don't Mess with the ZOHAN

"Adam Sandler plays in the film and file members of the Israeli blitz Han, a skill he Jiao Jian Dadashasha are tired of life, intends to re-planning his career, so choose to go New York to be ahairdresser. In forging its own after the death of Johan began his hairdresser's dream, know nothing about the novice from the start, gradually practice and ultimately become a top barber."

Or at least, this was the review written on the back of the illegal DVD. For most people illegal DVDs have become just another aspect of life here. If you were to ask me where you could get a legal DVD I would probably tilt my head slightly, like a dog when it doesn't understand something.

As you can see, what's actually written on the DVD case is of minimal importance. The overall look of the packaging is the focus. Spelling the movie's name correctly is a must. Including the proper rating or accurate credits is not necessary (this was rated 'G').

My favorite DVD cases include negative reviews of the movie they are trying to sell. On one: "Horribly disappointing." On another: "A waste of your time."

DVDs go for around 8-12 yuan ($1.20-$1.80) in most places, though they are around 6-8 in Chengdu. Negotiating is acceptable for larger quantities.

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