If I had the foresight to save every interesting or strange piece of information I found related to China then this post would actually be pretty good. Direct your attention toward the following, which I found on a website that not only gave information about Anshun, but tried to convince you that it would be a good stop on your way to... well... I mean, if you decided that you wanted...um... So the truth is that nobody comes here. To be honest this is due to marketing problems, the way the natural sites are set up, and the unwillingness of many travelers to experience an adventure. Anyway, this is what I stumbled upon:

Anshun Climate and Terrain

Anshun has a pleasant climate with an abundant of natural resources. The average temperature is around 15 centigrade. The highest elevation is 1,850 meters and the lowest is 365 meters. Mountainous area occupies 64.5% of the total area; hilly areas accounts for 27%; and dam area takes 8.5%. Within the boundary of Anshun, it is a humid subtropical monsoon climate. So people feel warm during any season.

At first sight it is a rather nice explanation of Anshun's climate and terrain. Continuing through the paragraph I came upon the last sentence: the sentence that I read, not two or three, but four times. Huddling next to a space heater throughout the last winter wasn't my idea of feeling warm during any season.

Perhaps I'm sending an email, updating my blog and I get a message on skype that says the following:

I am Kabore Mohamed from Africa; I have gold and diamond for sale. My friend have told me that I can see good market in your country, that is why I contact you for know your opinion so if not interested, please kindly help me find buyer in your country. Also, we have cashew nut and sesame for sale.

Now I don't need to rely on the Shane company to find a friend in the diamond business. An on the off chance that I were more of a cashew guy, I'm covered.

It was noted by another volunteer (AP) that the internet censorship seems to be less rigid now. I got the same feeling when websites like, say, this one, were no longer blocked. Get this: I can post information on the Internet for everyone to see without using a proxy server. Amazing, right? I can tell you what's happening without having to go through the annoying steps of surfing through a server in Europe and you can read the post before an underpaid Chinese Internet Security employee does.

On another note, I think I could dedicate an entire post to the interesting things I read in the China Daily. I'll get to work.

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