The Freshmen Arrive

These are exciting times on campus. The new students have mostly arrived, unpacked, and begun to look around at their new surroundings. The workers have been making a great effort to improve the buildings and environment of the campus. I passed the ping pong court on the way to the library yesterday and found 14 new tables in place of the 8 old ones. Happy day. The whole process reminds me of parent's weekend in college. The cafeteria only served the best foods that weekend and they even cut the grass on the quad. It's nice to see such eager faces again. Last year it was much the same until the incredible class load began to steal the life from many of my students.

Some of my students welcomed the new English Major students so they could help carry luggage. The sign says, "Foreign Language Department" or, literally, "Outside Language Department." (1)

The larger sign welcomes all students with the sentence, "Anshun College welcomes you!" (2)

The cell phone companies fought for business. It's really quite entertaining, especially when I pretend to be interested and they try to explain their calling plans. I don't even understand those in English. (3)

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