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What's this?

Yes. It's a boot.

But not just any boot. This boot has revived my belief in the magical foot people. Remember? Think back a moment to your childhood. Didn't we all believe in the magical foot people?

Ok, so you've never heard of them. Maybe it's only me. If so, I will advance my idea... you can take it or leave it - it's up to you.

According to my science, wearing these boots (actually, using the picture as a reference, I must use the singular. Let me rephrase: wearing this boot and another like it on my opposite foot...) has changed my ability to stay warm. There was a transformation that occurred: yesterday I was cold, today I am not. The only difference was the footwear. Unless, of course, the temperature was different - which destroys my hypothesis completely.

But if not... if it was the boots alone (Danner boots, 1000 grams thinsulate insulation) then I hope to convince you of my belief: These boots provide a save place for the little elves that live inside our feet to put coal in their mini-stoves and warm the body. Without protecting the foot properly, the elves are afraid and usually they will leave to begin cookie factories (they use entirely too many preservatives) or work for Santa (and sometimes they actually want to be dentists). The foot people respect a good, protective boot; get your own pair today! (No magical elves were harmed in the posting of this blog. Perhaps only the reader was harmed by author's gross overestimation of the reader's capacity for patience. If so, apologies. Perhaps I thought that using the statement, "My boots keep my feet warm" would be trite)

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