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When someone first explained this concept to me I was skeptical. The electricity would actually heat the water inside the bag? When I was younger my parents taught me a few things (1) don't run into the street - look both ways and walk across; (2) Eat your vegetables; (3) Water and Electricity are not friends and they do not want to play with one another. The third tenet of my tender years cautioned me until someone unplugged in this Potential Electric Fire and handed it to me. The warmth radiating from this contraption seemed to whisper, "just be careful." As I've said before, I do not advocate plugging a bag of water into a 240 volt outlet; see number (3) above.

I know it's cliche, but I like talking about how this bag keeps my feet warm. In fact, I like talking about how to stay warm. My site-mate and I have conversations which always tend to drift in this direction. Here is an example of an actual conversation:

Dustin: ...and then the student said he could write the poem and perform it later.

Bethany: (in deep thought, ostensibly thinking over my words) We need a couple of Guinea Pigs to carry around in our pockets. If we feed them they will keep our hands warm.

Dustin: (forgetting the earlier conversation) YOU... ARE... A... GENIUS!!!

Yes, this is how it goes sometimes. Call me fickle, but I'd trade a small part of my eternal soul for a warm bag of water. In addition to its practical use, this bag is covered with monkeys and bananas. I'm not saying this makes the bag any better, but it doesn't hurt. I've already forseen the possibilities: If I buy no less than 6 of these bags and heat them simultaneously I could put them on my body like a blanket when I go to bed. Nevermind the lack of automatic shut-off or missing GFI component: This is heat we're talking about.

Maybe you ask that I look at the tag, but my answer is simple: I have! The tag very specifically says somethings about the bag being safe as long as one never plugs it in. "Under no circumstances should anyone use electricity to heat this bag." And despite the fact that they include an electric cord! Actually, this is what I am guessing it would say. The chinese characters listed on the tag are far too difficult for me to read.

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