I hadn't taken a shower in 3 days (the weather is cold, I tell you!) and getting in after this long is really nice. Unfortunately for me, pulling the shower handle resulted in a maximum of 3 drops from the spout... the same from the kitchen...

Oh well.

No, this didn't upset me much - not like the first few times. It was later that I let it get to me. The next day I checked the kitchen sink and the water was back on. I checked the bathroom just to make sure - and it was perfect - a strong, warm shower awaited me. After going back to my bedroom to get my clothes and towel, I went back to the bathroom pulled the shower handle - nothing came out.

Amazing. I had JUST checked it!

This was yesterday, actually. Today I have water again. I even have the time to go and take a shower. Everything is ready. But something is missing...

Courage. Deep down I am afraid to return to my bathroom ready to shower. This fear is of another disappointment, another time when my hopes were false hopes. But I must. And I will. For everyone's sake.

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