Questions (有问题吗?)

Yesterday afternoon I was informed that my typical Egg Fried Rice lunch has gone up 25% in price, which would be alarming if my Peace Corps stipend didn't more than cover the costs of living here. Then, this morning, I found that my spicy sticky rice and potato breakfast saw a 50% increase in price (the lunch increased from 60 cents to about 75 cents, the breakfast 15 cents to 23 cents). I would ponder all of the mysteries of the trickle down effect, wondering just how many buildings must be constructed to lead us here (in addition to toying with a complex algorithm that includes many other factors), if I were not honest: I really have no idea why the price of my food is going up (exactly). The point is not to illustrate my ignorance, however, as this can be done more easily by asking me "what is the electoral college?" or "what are the basic ingredients in ice cream?"

My goal for this semester is to increase my knowledge of Chinese Culture, Society and Economy so that I can begin to become more of an "expert" on China. As I pursue this goal throughout the semester I will gladly share things I learn right here through the blog. But, as I want the readers to get the most they can from this experience, I need a little help: What questions do you have regarding China? No questions are too silly or complex. When you think of your questions, send me a brief email. This will help give me more ideas about the questions Americans have about China and help to lead me in the right direction. This will also help me better fulfill my role as a Peace Corps volunteer.

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