Liupanshui, Guiyang, Favorite restaurant

Last weekend I went to Liupanshui to visit another volunteer. On the way back, the train was so crowded that I had to stand for the 2.5 hour trip. I read a book, listened to music, and watched kung fu on the television (just like airplane televisions). About 30 minutes from my destination, Anshun, I made small talk with some of the people around me. They all started speaking to me in Chinese and they were very excited. Suddenly, I had 3 offers for seats and people were asking me where I came from, what I was doing in China, and how I like it here. Incredible. People are so friendly.

I am going to Guiyang this weekend to see all of the Guiyang volunteers (there are 9 in and around Guiyang). I have heard rumors that they have cheese and coffee.

My favorite restaurant is near the college. I have been going there a few times each week since I got here. The owners are a man and his wife. I keep going to this restaurant because the owners are so nice to me. They speak a little mandarin and they always try to communicate with me. Often I will get extra dishes for no charge, or they will charge me less than the menu price. A few weeks ago they gave me a jar to make pickled green beans. When I returned from Liupanshui at 10 p.m. they stopped me, pulled me inside the restaurant, and gave me fruit. So we ate and talked about my trip.

The owner is on the left with 2 customers (I told them to make sure they sat from left to right).

This is the wife and her daughter.

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