In the dark

Last week I taught without electricity. Not that one needs to 'plug-in' a piece of chalk or chalkboard, but there's something surreal about teaching students in overcast half-light that only seeps through the windows.

I learned one important thing which will always help me in the future: Yellow chalk is the brightest.

I also learned that planning should be done including a contingent plan for not having electricity (we have seen several power-outages so far). What exactly can one do to learn English without using your eyes or the use of technology? This question has a riddle-like quality, and if you have ideas I am all ears.

The students were ready to learn. There was no talk of rescheduling. As a sign of my own understanding, I never thought of that as an option (though I would if I were ill).

On the upside, it IS easier to see the glow of a cell phone in the dark.

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