I know this officially qualifies as blogging gluttony, but this must be said. My iPod's Hold switch broke today, leaving my iPod wavering between Hold and Free Use at its own whim. I checked the website and it would cost around $200 to send it in and have it fixed (for a small button!). Unbelievable. I bring this up because it relates to part of my Peace Corps application, which asked me how I would cope with the stress of living in a foreign country where I did not know the language, etc. Of my very few responses, listening to my iPod was at the top.

The good news is that I recently purchased a new computer (MacBook) which gives me a $100 credit (I think) toward a new iPod! This should be enough to cover shipping to China. Blah.

I must immediately apologize for the lack of continuity here: I am writing and posting as I remember events, not according to a conventional timeline. Perhaps this makes you frustrated, longing for some kind of linear interpretation of happenings. In which case, you can read Val's blog.


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SPetillo said...

It sounds like you are having a fabulous time! I am quite envious of your traveling, except for the getting lost and broken ipod part. :) I love reading your blog and am hoping to read even more Adventures of Mr. Ooley soon. Take care, learn lots and teach well,