Grades, Giardia, Journey

The stack of 213 final examinations has been graded, the grades entered, and my first semester in China complete. The exams took around 20 hours to grade and process, making me envy doing Elementary report cards.

On another note, I called the Peace Corps doctor about some of my stomach issues. There has been a pattern of problems since August, but finally it has been resolved: I took the Giardia medication yesterday and my stomach has never felt better (except, perhaps, when I first arrived).

In the coming week I have freedom at my site. Most of my students are going home today or tomorrow, and the only thing left is to study and prepare for the Spring Holiday. After our In-Service Training in Chengdu I will be going to Kunming for a week (waiting for a Visa) before leaving China for a 3 week Vietnam vacation. We plan to take the train down through the country (from Hanoi to Saigon), stopping at various cities and beaches along the way. This is wonderful compensation for having to work on Christmas Day.

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