Schedule Change

Our schedules have been rearranged and solidified. Today I found out that I will be teaching 7 classes of Freshmen students (Phonetics (3), Reading, Oral English, Listening(2)). Since the Freshmen do not begin until October, I have 3 weeks for preparation, studying Chinese, running, shopping, meeting people, and generally getting on my feet.

My host family gave me some glass jars filled with chili spices to include in certain Chinese dishes. Unfortunately, one of the many porters at the train station was not told this important information. I effectively destroyed 3 of my 7 pairs of pants and several shirts. I also forgot my glasses on the train. I am working on both of these issues now.

The staff and students at the school have been very welcoming, and I think integration will be easier than initially expected. I met some students in the cafeteria last night and often students are eager to speak with one of the few foreign teachers. Today we will get our books for future classes and have a teacher's banquet (it is Teacher's Day in China).


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