Vegetable/Fruit Market

There is a vegetable, fruit and meat market near my house. Sometimes I will walk through and talk to people which is quite difficult and often impossible (because they speak Sichuanhua not Mandarin). The people are friendly and patient and usually happy to see Americans ("hello" is a word I hear a lot). Here are a few pictures from this evening. I took more but they are on another camera. They will be added soon.

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Laura said...


I am enjoying the photos, and your descriptions of life in China.

You inspired me to crate my own blog for the building of our home so Ashley and Holly, being out of state, can follow the progress. Website. www.romjuehome.blogspot.com

Stay well, happy, and un-tied to any woman who would keep you in China...lol Auntie Laura (lromj@comcast.net)